Monday, January 3, 2011

New diet craze

While watching Nova over the break I was overcome by a marveous entrepreneurial brainstorm. We all remember Kathy's diet craze: "No Meat, No Maize: The Incan Child Sacrifice Diet," yes? Well, check this out: "The Antarctica Diet: Eat 3000 Calories a Day and Lose Weight--Just by Maintaining Your Core Body Temperature!"

We open a spa on Antarctica. A couple of tents, a fire pit, and a ton of wool socks. Scientists eat up to 6000 calories a day there, just to maintain their weight. If we can fool a bunch of people with disposable income into coming to Antarctica for 10 days, we can feed them nothing but cupcakes and beer, and they'll still lose weight and feel like they're indulging.

Who's with me?


Kathryn said...

brilliant! i'm with you! what nova was it! all the nova's i've seen recently have been boring history episodes. but i did see a documentary about the chukchis who lives in the arctic circle and have a constant layer of frost on their face. "shiver away the pounds!" "the cold solution!" "freeze your ass off!"

this is going to be easy.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Now I just have to figure out how to buy real estate in Antarctica...

I don't know which nova it was. the one about scientists in antarctica. it seemed to be about ice cores.