Friday, July 22, 2011

Crazy catladying it up

Because I am moving soon, I am sentimental. I am thinking about things I will miss about Bloomington...the super-long stoplights, the sub-par restaurants with Chicago pricing. Ahhhh. Bloomington. One of the things that I'll actually miss is that we have like a million neighborhood cats. I know all their names. They all let me pet them.

Venom: Yes, really. We called Venom "Mrs. Honcho" for a long time because she wouldn't get close enough for us to learn her name. She is sleek and gray stripey. She sits on our laps when we're on the porch. She might be a he. S/he predatored a baby bunny in front of Abby. It was scarring.

Honcho: Brother/husband to Venom. Big and dark gray. Mean to all of the other neighborhood cats. Actually kind of won't let me pet him.

Seamus: Orange. He used to hang out with us all the time, but now Honcho took over his territory.

Maxwell: Black and white. Kind of cross-eyed. Once, we rescued him from a tree. By getting his mom and telling her he was in a tree.

Baxter: Orange and white. No matter what door I open in my house, he's out there. I don't think Maxwell and Baxter are related, but it seems like they should be.

We play this game when we neighborhood walk where we compete over cat-spotting. I always win because the game makes Abby angry. Really, it's just my game. I have gotten up to nine cats on a walk before. This is a really catty place. I'll miss that.