Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am pretty sure the devil is manufacturing Quorn

It's been a while since I ate chicken, so if someone (or a company that manufactures fake chicken, for example) tells me that something tastes like chicken I'm likely to believe that person or company.

But damn. Seriously. I just had a Quorn "chicken" cutlet and it not only looked and tasted like chicken, it also shared chicken's weird striated, fibrous texture. This is not a commercial for Quorn. This is freaking me out.

I do not understand how they are doing it. There are eggs in it, but unless eggs is a euphemism for chicken that shouldn't make any difference. Are they test tube chickens? And why can't they do this with steak?

I heard a rumor that it was made of mysterious fungus that no one really knew the long-term effects of eating, but that turned out to be a lie (probably propagated by Tyson). I keep feeling like there must be something wrong with it. It's because I cannot let myself be happy.


potato said...

It's a type of fungus/mold. Ew!

potato said...

Oops here's the link.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide if that makes me feel scared. I am in its thrall.

potato said...
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potato said...

I have a similarly conflicted relationship with the morningstar fake bacon. When I'm eating it, it's good, and later, I'm like: gross. why did I do that?

Kathryn said...

whatevers, it sounds delicious. and you're not allergic to it!