Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Something more interesting out of something that was only mildly interesting

Everybody has seen those Rosie O'Donnell spots about her new show, right, and we all agree that she has had an aggressive facelift, yes? Well, Abby and I were especially freaked out by it because we think that now she bears a strong resemblance to Dawn French, who is awesome, and how this makes Rosie's stock rise a little bit simply because now we can pretend she's Dawn. So I was looking for a facelifted image of Rosie to do a side-by-side comparison and couldn't find one.

Instead, I found this website: It is hilarious. It tells you what stars (probably) smell like. For instance Anjelica Huston smells like beef bouillon, brass door knob, and black grapes, among other things. Michael Phelps like anti-fungal foot cream, dill pickles, sticky poker chips, and much more!

I wish I smelled like oranges, grape koolaid, grass, gasoline, and almond extract.


Megan said...

oh, i LOVE the celebrity's the most brilliant thing ever.

also, tyra, i had a dream last night that we won the 3-day-novel contest. i also read somewhere that there were just 500 submissions. that number seems low to me. i am pretty sure we're better writers than the other 499.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, you are prescient. I can't wait to win!

Kathryn said...

who is dawn french