Monday, January 25, 2010

my cats only love me because i feed them

Have you guys read Fugue State yet? I just returned it to the library. I guarantee that I will only remember the bleeding eyes when it comes time to meet again. And playing ponies. Except maybe that I'm not sure if that was the same book. But that's okay, right? I'll just be like the surly undergrad in the insane clown posse tee. You will appreciate me for my commitment to character. Maybe I'll check it out again.

I wish there were some way to see who else/how many other people had checked out books before you now that the little stampy pages are gone. I wish that the internet actually let us spy on people more. Maybe we should all mount webcams around our houses. We can be the girls of Venom Literati. Gross.


Megan said...

we should only include footage of ourselves while we're silently reading, and only while we're reading VL book choices, so nobody can detect our personalities except by what we read, which means are personalities will all be one personality.

Megan said...

also no libraries here have fugue state. time to order it.

Anonymous said...

The library here is weird. I think that Brian Evenson must have sent it to them personally because there are almost zero alternative press choices.

Also, I concur. We are so beautiful when silently reading.