Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So...what's our next book?

I watched a Dr. Phil episode sometime during the last week, and it turns out that teens are having sex. America is outraged. Dr. Phil cannot believe it either.

I am reading something called "Fugue State" and something else called "The Dolphin People." I am not sure either of those is appropriate for us.

Kathy wants us to read Robert Lopez. I have not discussed this with her. I can just sense it.

Wait, I just started looking things up and discovered everyone loves "Fugue State." I've barely begun it. I've only read "Fugue." Maybe that should be our book. What do you think? Here it is:http://brianevenson.com/fugue.html. It's hallucinatory and darkly comic. That sounds like us.


Megan said...

i'm up for it. i like brian evenson. i read half that meat towers book...it was good. can we read something self-helpy in tandem, though? i'm not sure where this desire is coming from but it's deep. DEEP.

Megan said...

i'll do research - rather than just spouting off and asking you to do work for me. man i'm lazy. can we have our next meeting here in cincy? perhaps in a snow drift or near a window where we can imagine being inside a snow drift?

Anonymous said...

yes! to both! and i sort of love self-help books. recently i read co-dependent no more. it made me accuse everyone of being co-dependent whenever they did anything.

Megan said...

ooh, that sounds good. i want to read something that shoddily incorporates zen ideas in style-less prose made for idiots.

Anonymous said...

eckhart tolle? oprah loves him, and oprah loves dr. phil.

Megan said...

fabulous plan. i'll look for something by him that we can buy for 99 cents on amazon.

Anonymous said...

you are a riot! i never thought anyone else would out the tolle sweetly elfish as it is, and seemingly so
spiritually correct. cracks me up!

Kathryn said...

wait wait, no eckhart tolle! i will choke. how about sharon salzberg or thich nhat hanh?

for regular books i don't want to read robert lopez because i already read it, but good guess sarah, you get me.

i would read brian evenson. here are some other things that are on my amazon list and so i don't have to think, i can just type:

the singing fish or good, brother by peter markus
the bird room by chris killen
notes from underground by dostoevsky
kangaroo notebook or the box man by kobo abe
ever or scorch atlas by blake

the crowd: a study of the popular mind by gustave le bon
the elegant universe by b. greene
the family: the secret fundamentalism at the heart of american power by jeff sharlet
einstein: his life and universe by walter isaacson
seductive poison: a jonestown survivor's tale of life and death in the people's temple by deborah layton

it is daylight by arda collins
pain fantasy by jason bredle
the difficult farm by heather christle
drunk by noon by jennifer knox


Kathryn said...

haha i don't know why blake butler's name got separated

also, why do all non-fiction books have a colon in their title

also that is really long list considering we're totally just going to read evenson anyway.

how long is fugue state?

Anonymous said...

it's like 250 pages. i love your long list. i would read any of those things. this is a good foundation list. we can find our next book there, too.

and i'm up for thich nhat hanh for sures.