Thursday, August 14, 2008

Best Segment Host Ever: Mary Carillo

I know I said I'm not a sports person when I was talking about The Thorpedo earlier, but the more I think about it, the more I believe that I actually am a sports person. I am just a sports person who does not like to watch football or basketball, which limits my options unless I get a much more detailed cable package.

Case in point: Mary Carillo has long been my favorite tennis commentator (except for the truly awesome John McEnroe). Her deep man-voice soothes me. Much to my glee, she is on at ten to nine (ET) every Olympics night, teaching us about China. She is...practically undescribable, but I'll try:

1. She dresses like a plainclothes nun.

2. She has the kind of sense of humor that makes you feel embarrassed while you're watching her.

3. She truly established rapport with the world's tallest man.

4. She is always only pretending to do things (like eat scorpions or cuddle with pandas).

5. She is credited with coining the phrase "Big Babe Tennis" to describe all of those massive ladies who dominate the court (that's from Wikipedia).

Also, I'm pretty sure that Bob Costas has a longterm, unrequited crush on her. I can see it in his eyes.


Meghan said...

I hope she doesn't step on Melissa Wu.

Megan said...

yes, that lady is a giantess! just think how big the world's tallest man must be, because he seriously towered over her!

also, sarah you are totally a secret sports person, like me. if you watch football for any amount of time, you will become obsessed.

i am going camping this weekend. if i do not respond to cellular contact, i am up in a tree someplace.

Kathryn said...

did you see her segment with the artist that did the olympic logo? i caught it just by chance and was delighted to see your favorite segment host! i feel like nbc is bringing us together. also, she was amazing. and he gave her a painting with the inscription, "the sun will always rise and set, even if the world must start over," or something like that. i cried a little. oh and i was eating my sad sandwich too, because it was sad sandwich thursday.