Monday, August 25, 2008

Why the hell didn't we have a big BLOW-OUT?

WITNESS! Venom Literati-ans CELEBRATING!

Why the hell didn't we have a giant blow-out for the 1 year anniversary of Venom Literati?????? Good question! If Sarah and I can put on gold masks and tiaras and shake our oh-so-sexy boo-tays for my tired old dried out 33rd birthday then certainly we could have donned something and done something for the soft and squishy collagen-filled 1 year b-day of the smartest and best-looking literary collective in the nation and possibly the world!

HELL we all had a TOGA party for no DAMN reason at all! I look gorgeous, I might add.
And check out this party-action from.... that one all remember! Whose boobs are those? Was she even invited? More importantly, whose hand is that and why do I have this picture at all? [Photo removed at request of panicky Sarah, by panicky Sarah, acting as Venom herself. Please note: They were clothed. Still.]
Now I don't want to continue lest this post become too wild and unsavory...I know all of you have real jobs now. BUT I think my point is CLEAR!
Get in a car...(Jen's is the coolest) and get down here for a PARTY before another year flies by! I also suggest that you go back and read some posts from the very beginning and have a good giggle, cause they are funny-funny.


Anonymous said...

I am in no way affiliated with those boobs.

Also, yes, we should have a party. It should be not this weekend, but the weekend after. Start packing your bags, ladeez.

Kathryn said...

i don't remember any of those parties. possibly they were before your life was enriched by my friendship.

megan and i are thinking of coming in october once we get settled into our classes. we will abduct jen and meghan and missy too. yes? yesssss.

potato said...

Happy birthday Abby! Were Peanuts and Popcorn at the party?

Megan said...

stop blogging, abby. it makes me miss you.

whose boobs are those? i feel like that person stumbled in off the street when we had our backs turned.