Monday, September 22, 2008

Come in: We're not ready

A couple of years ago when we were visiting friends in Queens (holla, EggBoy), we met his neighbor, whose name was Jerry. After he left, EggBoy said, "That's Jerry. From 'Grey Gardens.'" And we were all like, "Wha? Who?"

Last night we watched Grey Gardens, and if you haven't seen it, get yo' azz over to the Blockbuster or start manipulating your queue. These two ladies are ca-razy and they live in a decrepit old mansion in East Hampton, and I'm pretty sure they eat cat food at one point in the movie. Also, I love them. So vain. So enamored of tube tops. So tolerant of raccoons eating their walls.

That's Little Edie.


potato said...

The Beales of Grey Gardens is great too!

Colin Bassett said...

i really liked grey gardens, yes