Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Guidance Counselor?

Did any of you squeal when Brenda walked into the Peach Pit and interacted with both Nat and Kelly? I did. I am not ashamed. My observations are as follows:

1. I am having trouble figuring out who The Steve is. It seems like The David and The Steve have been melded into one character. Also, where’s The Donna? Are we to understand that the play girl is The Brenda, based on her haircut? Except the Kansas girl is clearly The Brenda? Wait, is Silver supposed to be The David?

2. The current Peach Pit/Peach Pit After Dark combo is lame. There is no way Nat owns those places now. He’s been strongarmed into giving away his share in the business without Brandon there to protect him.

3. Clearly that is Dylan’s child. I can’t wait for Dylan to come back, and all of the guitar riffs that will accompany him.

4. Brenda looks ridiculously old. This makes me feel ridiculously old. Actually this whole post is making me feel old. Why does the space in her teeth keep moving around?

5. I don’t know any of the new people’s names except for Silver.

6. Two hours is a long time.

7. My friend Peter has a theory that the formerly-of-Melrose-Place-new-Jim-Walsh-fathered mystery person will be someone we know from before. I don’t think there was anyone in the appropriate age group.

8. I like that The Brenda and The Brando have a connecting bathroom. But, I think that the whole set, except for West Beverly High, is left over from The OC.

9. oh two one oh, what what.


Tyra said...

Okay, I should have just linked to this in the first place. I agree with everything:

potato said...

Is this available on Hulu? I only watch things on Hulu? The CBS webpage hasn't heard of this show. Are you sure it's not just all a dream?

potato said...

I'm watching the premiere of the original show instead. Brandon has a mullet. And a Pinto.

Kathryn said...

no one in chicago could watch this effing show because of effing baseball. i'm assuming they'll air the same episode again for the next five weeks, as is WB practice. or whatever it's called now. the 'U'?

the CW! jefe just told me.

Kathryn said...

also, if there is a character named "silver," then that is david silver. even he's suave and latino. or something.

Jack Morgan said...

I couldn't bring myself to watch it. I am too embarrassed to have actually watched the original while living in Los Angeles. You kind of have an excuse if you live way far away and can just fantasize or something, but when you don't even get that out of it, why bother. I bothered, resulting in eternal shame.

Sarah said...

Oh, it was awful in the most wonderful way possible. I do so love to wallow in filth. It's probably on Hulu. Isn't everything?