Monday, September 8, 2008

Frances Johnson music video

Some smartypants named "Chioubacca" made a music video of Stacey Levine's book Frances Johnson!


Anonymous said...

Every time I think too hard about Frances Johnson I start thinking I'm Frances Johnson. This may be an as-unyet-categorized psychological disorder.

Kathryn said...

oh i totally think i'm dra--

you are onto something.

dude! 90210 just came on!!

Kathryn said...

oh jesus why is uncle jessie's wife on this show. she is always on these kinds of shows. she drives me crazy.

Kathryn said...

wait--silver is a girl? this is blowing my mind.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I didn't watch it last night. I totally forgot about it. I know; I hate Uncle Jesse's wife, too. Silver is Erin, spawn of Jackie and Mel. Formerly a blonde toddler.

potato said...

I cannot figure out when 90210 is on. Before Sarah Palin's speech, I watched the election episode of Top Model.
Quote: "She makes voting look sexy."
"I'm against cloning."