Monday, October 27, 2008

I know I already murmured about this

But I'm still thinking about the similiarities between John Carpenter's Vampires and Harry Potter.

Both Harry's and James Woods' parents died at the hands of a creature that they must now destroy or else the world will fall to evil. In both stories, both sides are searching for a soul embedded in an object. Both Harry and James were present for the ritualistic soul-return thing in rather cinematically similar settings. Both of them are fighting the evil in a trio, which is two boys and one girl. In both of them, the sidekick boy gets the girl. The sidekick boy in both is a member of a huge family of boys (think Ron Weasley, think Daniel Baldwin). Also, the evil, evil villain's name begins with a V in both.

J.K. Rowling, you love John Carpenter. You, like, totally want to marry him.


Kathryn said...

dude. what are you talking about.

Anonymous said...

Read the entire Harry Potter series, and then watch John Carpenter's Vampires. You will understand.

Megan said...

is this just like how i am convinced that "the big lebowski" is actually "it's a wonderful life," or at least that lebowski is modeled after mr. potter, the evil bank owner? hey wait, another potter connection. this is creeping me out.