Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas is cancelled

hey you guys, i'm trapped in chicago! i tried to go home yesterday but they turned the bus around b/c the roads were closed because there was an ice storm or something. and now everything for today and tomorrow is sold out. why isn't the literati all iced in and in my apartment? come over.


potato said...

I am trying to leave here but Santa won't let me.

Anonymous said...

Why are we not there? Boo.
Abby says hi. We are in Panera. We are not trapped in Panera, but that might be pleasant.

Also, we got trapped at Abby's mom's house briefly, but managed to muscle out. That sounds gross.

Anonymous said...

Also, does that mean you won't be in Indiana for me to pick you up to play with me?

Kathryn said...

haha muscle out.

no i will still be in indiana! i have a new bus ticket for the 28th so i will be at jen's house on the 29th waiting for your tiny blue car!

mi said...

this is cool. i hope new york gets snow like this soon.