Monday, April 20, 2009

Crotchety old man post

I hate Twitter. I hate that when I was watching the Miss USA pageant last night, Miss Teen USA was live-twittering. I hate that the word "twitter" appeared at least 25 times in the OK Magazine that I impulsively bought. Then this morning while driving to driving to work I listened to a story about how Twitter is both helping and hurting traditional journalism.

This is a new development, this Twitter over-exposure. It happened yesterday. I hate Twitter.


Kathryn said...

you are hilarious.

i don't get why everyone likes twitter so much. i feel puzzled.

if i had a twitter account that only consisted of members of venom literati i might like it more.

Megan said...

I hate it, too. Also I hate Facebook. Why did I join that shit? I don't care what anyone's doing and I don't care what I'm doing and I don't want anyone to know what I'm doing. Ever. I'm going to just re-type my status every day as "masturbating" or something else offensive.

Megan said...

And that bird in the pic should be the only thing the word "twitter" relates to. Twitter is of nature. Not of the internets. Also I hate the effin' internets.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! People all up in my business sucks! (she said on one of her blogs.)

But seriously. What's next? Am I going to have something embedded in my tongue so everything I say is recorded and broadcast?

Kathy, you should ask your sister-in-law's brother or whoever he is. I'd like to get my pre-hate on.