Monday, April 6, 2009

Harmless vandalism

There have been three (3) occurrences of harmless vandalism at our house since we've moved in. I am recording them here just in case the next step is breaking in to our house and tickling us until we cry, or something.

1. The fuck balloon: Sometime in late August/early September we awoke to find a partially deflated pink balloon on which someone had written the aforementioned naughty swear in large block letters tied to the ironwork on our porch. It was creepy.

2. The open but mostly full Coke can: About a month ago we found the aforementioned object propped on our garbage can against the house, almost as if someone had been casually leaning there, looking in our window, sipping away. Also creepy.

3. Spray paint stain: When we came home last night someone had spraypainted something on our porch. There was white around a negative space corner. There was a spot of white on our railing, too. Very very creepy.

Who is doing this? Who? And why?


Megan said...

It's me. I also left the bloody hot dog on your pillow.

Anonymous said...


Kathryn said...

wait, what was the negative shape left by the spray paint? a corner? that's even weirder.

maybe it's one of your students.

Anonymous said...

If it's one of my students, I'm disappointed. This is wussy vandalism. I'm throwing down a challenge right now.