Friday, June 19, 2009

Country mouse

Last night we made a dinner that was almost entirely composed of vegetables from our garden.
It was a strata of collard greens, potatoes, pesto, and cheese. We are brilliant cooks. Chefs, I mean. Chefs.

Except we did not grow the cheese. Our outdoorsy neighbor who is getting chickens should also get goats. I'm going to talk about goats a lot when he's around, just to get him thinking.

Next on the menu: mojitos, complete with homegrown mint.


Megan said...

you eat collard greens? i do not believe this!

Megan said...

also you need to invite me over for mojitos.

Anonymous said...

you're invited! we'll make our strata for you, too. and you can pet the imaginary goats.

ryan manning said...

that sounds good