Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where's Stacey's book?

Way back on April 1, I was all excited because Amazon had told me that Stacey Levine's new book was coming at me, but it still hasn't arrived. Where is it? Why am I not reading it right now? I spent most of the morning pretending to read it, but that's just not as much fun.


Kathryn said...

i know, that's what i'm saying, i have been waiting, for, like, a year. if it ever comes out it will feel like a miracle.

Anonymous said...

it wasn't in yesterday's mail. i am throwing a tantrum right now.

potato said...

I haven't received my book either, but also, I never check my mail because I am scared of my mail.
I thought about posting something on my mailbox that says "only things I want, please." But I guess that would be a lot of work for the postal service.