Monday, February 28, 2011

Four things

1. The weirdest people have Kindles. Like really old men in the waiting room at a doctor's office, or the custodian. In fact, these are the two only people I have ever seen with Kindles, and these are not the people on the commercial at all. But I do not live in a town with widely used public transportation. Probably you see Kindles all the time and they are attached to the hands of hip youths.

2. I hate when I get an email that says "I read your email," and it's an autoresponse because that person has an app that reads their emails aloud to them while they're driving. Who needs to hear email while they're driving? Is this meant to be a safety feature?

3. App idea: Sarcastic voice email reader. You could use it whenever someone you hated sent you an email instead of just while driving.

4. The Oscars are boring.

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

everyone here reads their dumb kindles on the bus. i hate it when people read on the bus! it makes me so angry! stop achieving so much every second! fall into a depressive coma on the bus like i do! also, kindles are the worst.