Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tv stuff combined with celebrity crush stuff

I have a weird celebrity crush on Louis C.K. Recently I was watching an episode of his sitcom, "Louie," and giggling at him as he was on a date, and Abby said, "YOU want to go on a date with Louis C.K." She was right. I do. I want to go on a date with Louis C.K.

Also, I love "Dr. Katz." Here is Louis C.K. on Dr. Katz. Here's something else: I totally remember this scene from, like, 1996 or whenever, but I had no idea it was future-crush Louis C.K.


Kathryn said...

hey, louis c.k. is my current celebrity crush too! i think maybe it is a result of both you and my friends jen and gregg telling me to watch his show over christmas break. but mostly you because you showed me the wonders of netflix instant watch. he is so lovable. i love how he is obsessed with death and how he hates everything but still is so full of compassion and ethics and sadness but also wants to kill.

Anonymous said...

that's exactly who he is. and when he smiles it is so rewarding. i feel blessed.