Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Art movie fake-out

So, on Friday, Abby and I went to see Cave of Forgotten Dreams, the new 3-D Werner Herzog documentary about the sealed and preserved Chauvet Cave in France with the drawings from tens of thousands of years ago.

At one point in the movie, he turns off all the sound equipment, so you can just look and experience and listen to your heartbeat, and then a heartbeat sound comes up, and then the music returns.

It was coming toward the end of the film, and again, the heartbeat sound came up, and the screen faded to black, and it stayed that way for maybe three minutes, which is a long time, in a movie theatre. Everyone in the audience was silent. I was thinking, "Yes, this is like the modern cave." I even thought I could hear my heartbeat. I was starting to feel really uncomfortable with it, too, and then I was like, "I love this; this is brilliant! I feel so uncomfortable! Only Werner Herzog."

Then, some intrepid audience members got up to leave, and we heard this from outside the theatre, "There was a power surge. We're working to restore the movies to the place where they were when it happened."

Which...okay, it was re-started, and the movie was still good, and the ending was about albino crocodiles (spoiler alertish), which are also pretty cool, but it was no three-minute blackout to listen to the silence. I preferred our ending.


Kathryn said...

so everyone else (besides the people) assumed it was part of the movie too? that's really funny.

this movie sounds too good to watch. i'ma go home and see if hellcats is on.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the whole audience was involved in this. We all thought it was some experimental brilliance. And then it was just a power surge.

Haha Hellcats.

I'm still writing my manual.