Friday, June 3, 2011

it is the afternoon

i'm loooooonely and booooooored. somebody blog somethin. what are you literaties doing right now? i wish i had a satellite camera on each of you at all times so that i could check it and see you working at your desks or taking a nap or vandalizing your neighborhood.

hey sarah, remember when jeff was obsessed with hilary clinton and would constantly say out of the blue, "i wonder what hilary clinton is doing right now." and then you would say something like, "pantsuits shopping with chelsea."

sigh...what are you guys doing right now.


Anonymous said...

Right now I'm writing the manual for my position. This involves a lot of wistful staring and feeling isolated.

What are you doing? I'm about to make a post for this here blog, too. Preview: It's about Werner Herzog.

Kathryn said...

right now it is time to go home but i'm delaying it by looking at the internet because i have a fear of transitions. this happens every evening. i have a hollow feeling. i am going to read your post.