Monday, June 13, 2011

shouldn't i move to ravenswood?

i have been thinking about moving to ravenswood in september so that i can have a big apartment but people are trying to talk me out of it because they say it is soooooo far and that i should move to logan square instead. but i friggy hate logan square. too many 2002 memories. you guys have all lived in ravenswood. isn't it pleasant? shouldn't i move there?

i want a giant apartment.


Anonymous said...

i love your teensy-beensy apartment. but i also love ravenswood. but, really, that commute is soul-suckingly awful. it's another 40 minutes you'll spend on a train or bus every day. but bigger apt yay!

Kathryn said...

well, it already takes me about 40 minutes to get to work b/c i take two buses. although today both buses came right away and there was also no traffic so it only took 25 minutes. it was effin amazing.