Thursday, March 12, 2009

Act V: Desecration by Kittycat

: I am pissed! I can't find any of the pictures I used to play Barbies with on my computer! I think my evil boyfriend may have murdered them! Grrr! Now why would someone want to murder an image of Elizabeth Taylor or Wayne Koestenbaum from their photo albums? I don't get it. Luckily I've been drinking, so I'm not that pissed.

: Also luckily I was not among the murdered images! I guess I am just that likeable. Or else this is a dream, like the one you had the other night about living at the Playboy mansion, where you had to borrow Holly's backless pink satin shirt with the polka dots, that your boobs kept flying out of. I thought it was strange how you felt so uncomfortable in Hef's shower with that random dude. To me it seemed like great fun!

: Um, excuse me, but how did you break into my dreamlife?

: Crowbar, fork and knife, and the very crafty meercat I hired in the alleyway.

: I am no meerkat! I'm the Gato, otherwise known as McFuzzy VonStubenKitty! Now it is time to claw your face off!

1 comment:

Tyra said...

It's never too late. Also, I'm pretty sure The Ball really does have dream-entry powers.