Sunday, March 22, 2009

Miami Beach was chock full of celebrities, and I didn't see a single one.

Also, it monsooned basically the whole time we were there. Also too, I got a sunburn that turned this eerie maroon color after a few days, even though I had slathered on the 45 and lounged under a palm tree. The second half of that sentence is the result of having read nothing but women's magazines and Twilight all week. And plus also too, there were a ton of spring-breakers there. And I saw a huge blue jellyfish.


Megan said...

I finally saw Blue Crush or whatever that's called while you were gone; you're right, it is amazing. And you're also right about Grey Gardens, which I think I could watch consecutively for the rest of my life. The Eadies should definitely learn to surf. Oh wait, they're dead.

Tyra said...

Poor dead Edies. They will never know Blue Crush. Is that what that's called? Why can't I remember? It's absolutely the thing I most want to watch when I have the flu.