Friday, December 28, 2007

Attention all hot air balloonists

Lightning is effing scary. Last night Abby and I watched part of a special called "When Lightning Strikes" on PBS. I tried to find a link to it, but couldn't.

However, this article can work up some decent paranoia for you. I am never going outside again if it's cloudy. Grand mal seizures. Eep.


Neil said...

I don't know what PBS told you, but check out this shit...
Lightning is still a widely misunderstood occurrence (phenomenom?(doo dooo doo do doot)) and science, like with most things, can only kind of explain it. Did you know that what gets struck has very little to do with its height? It's probably more of a mass/ion capacity thing.
The only other explanation I have is that Mickey Goldmill is training in heaven and angels crap lightning.

Kathy said...

i just googled mickey goldmill. he is from the rocky movies. i have never seen any of the rocky movies. i almost saw the last one b/c of milo ventimiglia, but then i got tired of him. dating hayden panitierre or whatever her name is...well that's just gross.

anyway, i wonder if that woman that got struck by lightning three times had a high mass/ion capacity.

also, sarah taught me last week that if you are outside during a thunder storm you should not lie down in a ditch because it increases your surface area. i like to use words like "mass/ion capacity" and "surface area."