Thursday, December 20, 2007

i like pictures, i like chairs

our missed connections friend and general compatriot neil kubath has posted some of his photographs on this chair photograph is my favorite. i also really like the church one and the self portrait at the end. although, i'm pretty sure he doesn't really smoke and just has that cigarette in his mouth to make him look cool. it worked. he looks hot.

so what do you think? the artist would appreciate feedback of any kind. i would appreciate it if your feedback was absolutely absurd. but that's just me.

oh also, i like the song on his slide show. it is called "human thing" by the be good tanyas. also, i just discovered that french singer soko and i love her. also, gingerbread coffee creamer is delicious.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Neil,

I like the church and the railroad and the chairs and the whiskey barrels.

Here is something I don't like, though: the titles try to make me think things. I'm already thinking my own things, and I don't like my experience to be that controlled.

Tee Minus

P.S. Where are our flowers? I want flowers.

Neil said...

I appreciate the feedback. The railroad is one of my personal favorites and I'm glad everyone seemed to like it.
As far as your hating the titles...I am not necessarily trying to guide the viewer's thoughts; I do that with the way I take the picture. The titles merely came about as a result of organization. Personally, I like the idea of my photos only having numbers attached to them (04-19-07-12), but I love numbers and when you want to ask about a particular photo, it's easier to give it a title. True, I titled them based on certain things I felt, but I feel a bit entitled to do so.
Furthermore, I have OCD and one manifestation is thinking about my thinking and thinking about how my thinking will affect your thinking.


P.S. You don't want flowers.