Friday, December 14, 2007

Reggie Bush: the Ultimate Celebrity Crush

Wait, I was so wrong the other night when we were lamenting our lack of celebrity crushes. I DO have a new celebrity crush. It is my first crush on a professional athlete since Joe Montana. I don't usually have athlete crushes, except for like five seconds on foreign tennis players whose names I can never remember.

Backstory: Football season=my boyfriend becomes attached to the couch, covered in this ratty-ass Ohio State blanket he's had since birth. This blanket must also remain on the couch, much to my chagrin, during the entire season, which is like, half the year. (This was part of an effort to "compromise" by two people who hate compromise.)

I have a problem that whenever my boyfriend is home I want to hang out. I don't want to read books or do anything smart or productive. I suddenly have no identity. I just want to do whatever he's doing, which, during football season, means lay around and yell at the TV. You can see where this is going. I have been laying around watching football all the fucking time--and I had to find a way for it to be entertaining, because most football games aren't.

Then one day an angel sent down Reggie Bush. He's a....wait while I look this up...running back ...for the New Orleans Saints. I don't give a fuck about his athletic resume, but he did win the Heisman...sometime recently. The important things about Reggie Bush are as follows:

1. He is smokin' hot. You can witness this in Subway commercials where he is shown half-naked in a lawn chair biting into some giant, meaty sub. They also show him lifting weights, which is way less hot than watching him bite the sub.

2. He really has transcended from athlete-celebrity to just-plain-celebrity. There is a rumor that he's dating one of those fucking Kardashian people, and another rumor that he's dating Ciara. Either of those are disappointing. But they make him a true celebrity, which is better than just an athlete-celebrity, and definitely better than a lame-comic-book-celebrity like Dr. Manhattan, my previous celebrity crush.

3. He is currently injured...something with his...knee? Which means anytime you watch a Saints game, you get constant closeups of his face. I think they should put him in a lawn chair on the sidelines and just leave the camera on him, because it would be way better than watching a Saints game.

4. My boyfriend is totally jealous of my crush on Reggie Bush. Anytime the Subway commercial comes be, he says, "Oh, there's your boy, there's your boy," or "Oh, Reggie, oh Reggie, you're so hot," in a mocking tone. This is the most awesome thing of all. I think he'd try to kick Reggie Bush's ass if they were in the same room. And that would be totally hot to watch my boyfriend get his ass beaten by Reggie Bush.


Anonymous said...

That's funny that Marshmallow is jealous. Also, I like that you have thought through your crush so thoroughly.

And! It made me remember my athlete-celebrity crush: Roger Federer. Grrrowl.

Kathy said...

megan do you realize that reggie bush looks exactly like garrison, only beefier?

does garrison realize this?

you kids.

Kathy said...

alright, now i feel bad b/c sarah says garrison is way more handsome than reggie bush. but i am just going off the picture here--i have no idea what reggie bush looks like otherwise. but in this picture, he looks like garrison. look at that smile. that is a garrison smile.

if he was wearing a boyz II men outfit it would be a dead ringer.

Anonymous said...

Now I feel weird that I said Garrison is handsomer than Reggie Bush. I am not trying to steal your boyfriend, Megan. I also think that Abby is handsomer than Garrison.

Megan said...

roger federer is totally hot. i always confuse him with the guy who was dating mandy moore, though.

i knew somebody was going to say that garrison looks like reggie bush. but garrison is not a celebrity. and they don't look that much alike except in that picture.

if you stole my boyfriend you'd have to eat meat again. i am a total carnivore now. i once told my friend carrie that her husband was hot and felt weird about that. but you should not feel weird. he's pretty hot. it disgusts me.

Megan said...

boyz II men outfit, that's hilarious.

i am bear parading today so that kathy and sarah can love me again.