Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hail Sarah, Full of Grace

The other day I realized I get embarrassed for other people in situations where they should really be the ones who are embarrassed. Or else neither of us should be.

For instance: If someone says something, and I don't understand what they said and need them to repeat it, I feel embarrassed. But, if I am in the same situation on the other side (the one saying the thing that can't be understood), I am also embarrassed.

In future, I am going to be filled with grace. No one will ever feel awkward in my presence. I will make others feel at ease, and I will also feel that way. It is going to Change My Life.

By the way, I am already incredibly physically graceful. I am like a cross between a martial arts expert and a leopard and a beautiful ballerina.


Kathy said...

you fall down more gracefully than anyone i've ever known. and i mean that.

also, your tape ball moves are like an athletic swan lake.

Megan said...

what's up with the stupid tila tequila special that was on last night instead of the final episode?

you're jealous of my students. i'm jealous of your tapeball. can we play tapeball at happy village?

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I'm so glad it was a Tila Tequila special instead of the real thing. I went to see No Country for Old Men and would have missed the finale!

It's awesome, by the way. I am going to be Javier Bardem's character for Halloween next year.

Also, yes, we can play Tape Ball at the Happy Village.