Thursday, February 26, 2009

Act II, Elizabeth Taylor enters

: Eli, OMG, that sweater is gorgeous. I am so glad we bought matching sweaters at H&M the other day! Also, I'm happy to see you're wearing the BFF diamond heart pendant I gave you for V-Day!

: Oh shut UP and stop asskissing! We're just in a scene together, Wayne! And I also wish you'd stop following me into the tanning bed - there isn't room enough for the both of us in there. Also, for the record, before we begin this scene, may I state how much I hated Slumdog Millionaire? Its half-baked characters, flimsy plotline, and overall nauseating generic-ness? I found it quite yucky, particularly when the brother gets shot in the heavyhanded bathtub of money.

: Really?!?! I sort of loved it. That was sort of my favorite scene. But while we're on the topic of things we hate, I'll have you know that I was NOT at AWP in Chicago, although I did fly to Chicago simply so I could hang out in the hot tub at the Drake all during the conference and get all pruny. I was in that hot tub for 3 days straight. I feel fucking amazing!

: I think I'm more of a cornflower blue, rather than whale-blue. Or a suffocated-baby blue, perhaps? Ooh, that's morbid. Jon don't do morbid. Who am I, anyway? Why am I in a scene with two people who won't talk to me? Why wasn't I invited to read at AWP?


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing scene. Thank you for your contribution. Kathy? You're next.

Megan said...

also, i miss our collaborations, too. i was just thinking about that the other day.

Megan said...

also, tyra, i wish you lived here still, at the very least on weekends.

Anonymous said...

I know.

I feel sad.

Maybe we should meet in some mid-point like my long distance boyfriend and I used to do in college.

Megan said...

where is the midpoint? that sounds fun! is there anything to do in the midpoint, or is it in the ghetto?

Anonymous said...

I think it's Lafayette. I know there is a Super 8 there because Abby and I stayed there in that crazy snowstorm we got stuck in last year. That is all I know.