Friday, February 13, 2009

Celebrity Crush #814

Rufus Sewell is sooooo dreamy. Here are the reasons why:

1. I cannot stop staring at his face. Abby says this is because he has a skeleton-face, and that is my type. I see why she would say that. This is true. However, I truly don't think he has a skeleton face, and if he does it is a beautiful skeleton face. So there.

2. He has a really good American accent. He is one of the new crop of English-masquerading-as-American-agents-of-the-law on television shows that air in the hour before the news. This is, by the way, the new formula for a hit show: Find an English dude and make him an eccentric genius with a female sidekick.

3. He looks like he's holding something back. He is coy. It is obvious that he has unplumbed (and possibly unplumb-able (?)) depths. His eyes say "I am telling the truth," but his mouth says, "Or am I?"

4. He looks totally different in period costuming. He looks like a dashing pirate, even in armored skirts.

5. Oh wait, his cheekbones are totally skeletal. Hot.


Kathryn said...

oh i totally like this guy too. i saw that show he is on once. i liked it because it wasn't just about murder--it was about weird neuroscience and murder. what is that show? eleven something?

Anonymous said...

eleventh hour. he is an eccentric genius neuroscientist.

Megan said...

I think he looks totally sneaky, like he kills children in their sleep. I also think he drugs a lot of drinks.

Anonymous said...

soooo attractive.