Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kitties are Trainable, Too (Just not Mine)

Since it seems clear (Sorry Abby) that none of us will ever have children, I have a new plan for our cats when they are not reading classic novels--agility contests! I learned about them while watching my favorite public television show, Nature.

So, they are just like the puppy agility obstacle courses, except for cats. And except that the cats don't want to follow the rules, and they climb over hoops rather than through them, or they get distracted and go check out something else when they're supposed to be competing. And except the owners aren't competitive at all. I bet there is lots of drinking at cat agility competitions.

I wish I had a picture of the Persian I saw attempting to run and jump--it was just like huge ball of fur sort of waddling along and occasionally lifting off to jump like a furry cloud.

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Anonymous said...

I am teaching Ollie to use the toilet. Very slowly. So far I just point to the toilet and say, "Toooiiilleeeet," very slowly. Wait, I may actually be teaching him how to talk.