Saturday, July 25, 2009

megan left, i got bangs

dear literati,

today megan left chicago. it was so sad. the literati must unite in these tragic times. sarah and abby, when can we meet at your headquarters? so then after that though, i got bangs. here is a picture of me kissing megan goodbye with them. that is what i look like when i kiss someone goodbye. it's very scary. also here is a poem for megan. walt. whitman.


Anonymous said...

you can come to the hq any any time.

also, we should triangulate the distance between our places, meet there, and hit a bucket of balls.

p.s. your bangs are cute.

Kathryn said...

i changed the picture because my hair looks less mullety today. thank goodness. it was hard replicating the facial expression but i'm a professional. let's play golf.

Megan said...

Your hair looks fucking awesome! I LOVE it! And thank you for the goodbye kiss. It looks hot.