Thursday, July 2, 2009

Un-American confession

I kind of don't like fireworks. I mean, I like them when they are in the sky, and some crazy dudes are shooting them out of cannons, and they're relatively far away, but I don't like them when they are in my hands, or the hands of people that I know and like. Or even don't like.

I personally know three people who have lost fingers to fireworks. Two are named Steve.

I am scared of the oven. Grills seem like death machines to me. Loud noises make me tic spastically. Fireworks are like small, deafening, exploding stoves. No thank you.

Exceptions: sparklers and bottle rockets.


Kathryn said...

haha i forgot you were afraid of the oven. so cute, i want to squeeze you. i hate fireworks when they spook the dog or when they are exploding after midnight.

Megan said...

Good thing you didn't spend the 4th with me - Trav and Garrison went fireworks crazy. They had a fireworks war with the punk-ass kids across the street. I think they were really trying to harm the kids. Missy and I felt very scared.

Special Agent Dale Cooper said...

i was actually partly thinking of travis when i posted this, certain that he was going to be fingerless by today.

Megan said...

the children are probably fingerless. and the hood of g's car lost some paint.