Thursday, July 23, 2009

There is always an orange cat

In Chicago, there was a cat we called Orange because at first that's all he was. He'd hang out in our back yard and walk home with us from the train station. Later we figured out where he lived and that her name was Julia, so we could call her and she'd come trotting up and collapse at our feet wanting ear rubs.

When we moved there was an orange cat again, who ate voles out of our yard, greeted us on the sidewalk, and visited our real cats in the windows. We called her Julia. We just found out that where she lives and that his name is Seamus.

If, when we move again, there is not an orange cat that we can call Seamus only to later find out his name is Orange, I will be disappointed.


Megan said...

here there is a white cat and also a grey cat. they both look diseased and they keep leaving slaughtered mice on our back patio. i think they're trying to kill the gato via parasites so they can move in and take over his windowseat.

Anonymous said...

jerks. they're clearly opportunists.