Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why am I reading a book by Chuck Palahniuk?

Sometimes I am a total sucker for plot. Plots are underrated. Next summer I'm going to write a mystery horror novel that's an update of Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Detectives. Don't hold me to that.

C.P.'s plots are all sort of similar to one another, but they're also horrifying in slightly different ways, which is interesting. I like that there's a lady who kills people by bouncing a bowling ball down the street in Haunted, for example. And the idea of a culling song is cool.

Okay, clearly I've read practically everything he's ever written. Apparently I love Chuck Palahniuk and that's why I'm reading something by him. So why am I writing this post? Am I ashamed, so I need to justify it?

Oh, I know: The thing is that I totally hate his voice, and it's one of those voices that gets stuck in your head and affects your writing. I feel like I need to wash my brain after I read something by him. Recommend me something for when I'm done, something that will destroy the urge to write entirely in fragments.


Kathryn said...

i'm totally reading my first chic lit novel. it's called "hex and the single girl." i got it at goodwill. it is dirtier than i thought it would be. the plot is gripping. i have wondered for so long what chic lit novels are like. now i know. i am one of the people. next stop: john grisham.

Anonymous said...

Oh god. What are we becoming?

Kathryn said...

it took me forever to figure out john grisham's name. i googled john griffin for a long time. so we can't be that bad.

Anonymous said...

haha. i thought his name was john gresham.

Klineowitz said...

You should read every third page of Anna Karenina then smash you hand with a hammer and read the last chapter and tell me what that book was about.

or... you could read your freckles. Connect the dots I mean. And read the words.

Mine: "LSUb"

Anonymous said...

You finished! I'm so glad. It's about being punished.