Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lindsay Lohan, still totally dreamy

Lindsay Lohan's sister Ali was on a re-run David Letterman last night talking about her micro mini Maltese. I don't want to hear about some 14 year old's micro mini Maltese. That is just disgusting and probably illegal.Can we please write a movie starring Lindsay Lohan and I? I will learn to spell her name correctly (a, not e). I will put on my dress Converse all-stars (they're plaid).


Anonymous said...

You know that if we wrote that movie, some fancydancer who knows Samantha Ronson would end up producing it, and then whammo, your part would go to her.

Also, I am unsure as to what your acting credentials are. Please provide references.

Alicia Pernell said...

i just spend 20 minutes looking at a bunch of articles about lindsay lohan being wonderfully gay.

Meghan said...

Lindsay is so dreamy. I bet the DJ will be a nice and friendly ex. She can spin at L. and my wedding. Also, I don't understand how they can possibly be dating. They both have long fingernails. Ouch.