Thursday, July 31, 2008

poem clothes

did you guys know diagram has a clothing line? i think there should be more poetry clothing out there. it could be like when i was a fundamentalist christian in high school and i had a different jesus t-shirt for every day of the week. i basically had no clothes other than jesus t-shirts. i had one that said "the next time the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future," and the word "future" was in flames.

other people are this way with disney t-shirts, especially winnie the poo. some people don't own any garments that are without a poo on them. maybe this only happens in indiana. oh also possibly i am thinking of the looney toons. i used to know a girl with tons of tweedy bird shirts.

i have friday and monday off of work. tomorrow my friend from indiana who does not wear disney clothes or jesus clothes is coming to visit. she is bringing her husband and toddlers. and then saturday megan and are going to alamo shoes!

it is raining. last night i watched things we lost in the fire. i only rented it because benicio del toro was in it but it turned out that i liked it a lot. he was fantastic. he has strange body movements and facial expressions.


ryan manning said...

the asian antonio banderas

Meghan said...

How many interns does Tao Lin have? Don't drink the Kool-Aid, interns.


jesus shirtz are where itz at. i have a nice jesus got er dun hoody i am waiting for the fall to begin sportin.

Megan said...

the diagram clothes make me feel like i'm in a fraternity. i definitely want the extra-small running shorts that are really just underwear. i can wear them for act i. of my strip show. then i will spend act ii trying to wiggle out of them.

Meghan said...

I already own those extra small urban apparel running shorts and it's hard to keep my hands off myself. I inherited them from someone who looked better in them than me, if that's even possible.

Kathryn said...

yeah i was going to suggest those shorts for all of venom literati. we could wear them to the AWP conference in february. it will be cold but we will be hot.

i am jealous of blake's sweatshirt.