Monday, April 14, 2008

Celebrity Crush Week?

Something just occurred to me: we have not been devoting nearly enough of our blog to celebrity crushes. I hereby designate this week Celebrity Crush Week, if no one is opposed. We can look at beautiful people all week in celebration of spring and breeding.

My first contribution is the beautiful and delicious Rocco Dispirito, which if you don't watch Top Chef and you have Bravo, you need to watch it for the rare moment when Rocco makes an appearance. (And also for Padma Lakshmi, who is actually probably hotter than Rocco, except that she used to be married to Salman Rushdie, which diminishes her hotness.) You can also see Rocco on Bertoli commercials, which diminishes HIS attractiveness for sure, because he can totally cook and in the Bertoli commercials cooks things that come in plastic bags. And his cooking is even hotter than his perfectly-chiseled cheekbones.

I discovered in my photo-hunting, though, that he's beautiful on film but not all that photogenic in regular photos. Just like me. And there are no pictures anywhere of him with his shirt off. Boo hoo.


Anonymous said...

I despise Rocco Dispirito for his short-running reality show, The Restaurant. He was a major dee to everyone like all the time. My celebrity crush will crush your celebrity crush.

Megan said...

i never saw that show. i am glad; my love for rocco will live on forever.

flabby-abby1973 said...


Kathy said...

i love rocco too. we have the same celebrity crush tastes. rocco and dr. manhattan. hotsie totsie.