Monday, April 14, 2008

They are going to close your favorite bar

The best part about returning to my college for Abby's class reunion this weekend was walking around the library. Nothing had changed. There were flat screen monitors and a couple of new chairs (and hopefully some new books), but the exact same polyester jackets that hung in Special Collections (where I worked) were still there after 10 years. I always thought of those jackets like starter dollars in a tip jar, like maybe we were trying to entice people in by proving that someone else was already in there. Except nobody ever was.

Otherwise, my favorite bar was gone, my favorite video game was gone, my other favorite bar was gone. Disappointing.

I spent the morning trying to email myself I picture I took on my phone of The Acrobats so I could post it here. It never worked. So I gave up and found it on a page from the university web site that I compiled. How weird is that? I in the past helped myself in the present.

We called it the funky statue. My friends and I always met there. I didn't like it when people dressed it.


Megan said...

are the acrobats the coolest thing about UNI? i've never been there. i have this image of it, though, where everything is enveloped in dark purple shadows...UNI is very eerie in my imagination.

nobody did anything fun this weekend because you guys were gone. screw you guys. everything bad in my life is all your fault. thanks alot.

Meghan said...

I don't understand you midwestern college people and your acronyms. I went to college in the Pacific Ocean, with otters.

Anonymous said...

The acrobats definitely are the coolest statue, if not the coolest thing. And there are purple shadows.

There were some otters who attended my school, too, but the freezing wind killed them midway through freshman year. It was really sad.

flabby-abby1973 said...

The coolest thing about UNI was all of the hot sex with 20 somethings. Man, what a weekend.