Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My name doesn't rhyme with anything good.

Question: Did Jenny Boully start selling wool on Etsy under the name woolly boully because she genuinely has a thing for selling wool? Or was it all because of the name?

I feel sad that my last name doesn't lend itself easily to connection with a rhyming nonsense song from the mid-60s that also invokes crafting.

Also, those knots are perfect and beautiful. And I really like [one love affair]. You all should read it, and then we can pretend to talk about it.


Jack Morgan said...

Sarah, pantera, hana barbara, terra, carrera.

al jazeera?

Anonymous said...

I like Sarah Terra. I am going to start selling clumps of earth on Etsy.

Meghan said...

I have her book Beginnings and Endings. I will loan it to you Sarah, if you loan me that crack pipe book. Also, I think I have borrowed all of your other books and not returned them. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Really? I borrowed all of Megan's books and loaned them to Kathy.

We can make the exchange.

Also, Kathy has to loan me Tao Lin's new book in exchange for the First Manmade Man because I finished that last night, and I get edgy when I have nothing to read. Bring it to work tomorrow, Kathy!