Tuesday, May 20, 2008

chatty kathy: brothers and sisters in love

me: i am really into plot lines where brothers and sisters fall in love
Vinnie: gross
me: i don't know why
i think it's romantic
that's so weird, right?
but i do. like...
you totally can't choose who you love.
it could totally be your sister.
i mean, when i think about falling in love with my brother that's obviously totally gross. or you falling in love with your sister--gross. but when i see it on tv or read it in a book it seems romantic.
Vinnie: I wouldnt tell people about that one
me: haha
like in the royal tenenbaums
or in middlesex
or in the sound and the fury
or on abc's brothers & sisters which is coming up next
or the brother and sister on lost
Vinnie: royal tenenbaums?
oh, right
but she was adopted
that's different
me: i mean, not really. they still grew up together right? as a family. psychologically it's still the same i think.
Vinnie: still different
me: alright, whatever.
people used to marry their cousins.
Vinnie: im just saying
you first say it
you get the gag reflex
me: well yeah.
romance and gagging are interrelated
Vinnie: gross
me: right.


D, J, G said...

dude, Claire and Jack are so not in love he's just raising her son as his own.

Anonymous said...

my failed juvenile fiction novel was about cousins in love. oh yeah, and also the girl's main aim in life was to be a professional juggler. no wonder nothing came of it.

Kathy said...

no djg, i was talking about boone and shannon from season 1! jack and claire are brother and sister? what? i am only on season 3 right now.

matthew said...

you made a big mistake talking about lost because you are way behind in the show and now you are finding out information that you shouldn't be finding out yet...

Megan said...

sarah, was your character named chrissy bichler? you should revisit your novel and have her move to mexico to marry a different longlost relative and live on the beach.

Kathy said...

i made a big mistake.

D, J, G said...

oh no! i didn't mean to ruin it. i completely forgot about shannon and boone. that was kind of creepy. a little bit Cruel Intentions. which i know you haven't seen Kathy so maybe now that we all know this about you, you should rent it. it's quality.

i feel hella bad talking about lost. jack and claire are so not brother and sister. i was completely joking. your next post should be about what season you are on of tv shows. :)