Friday, May 16, 2008

Collaboration: It's not just for businesspeople

I am thinking about collaboration and how much I like to write stuff with my Venom Literati galpals because mostly they just let me do what I want, and I let them do what they want, and we just kind of fit.

But also they make me better. Thank you for making me better.

Our new soon-to-be bestie, Matthew Rohrer, is also a collaborative type. Here's him talking about it with his co-author, Joshua Beckman.

I like how for most of the answers, it seems like they're speaking in unison.


Megan said...

galpals sounds like something barbie has, therefore i like it. the sentiment is mutual; you make me better, too. i'd sing that fabolous song to you right now if we were in the same room.

"I'm a movement by myself
But i`m a force when we're together
Mami[/galpal] i'm Good all by myself
But baby[/galpal] you, you make me better."

Kathy said...

um galpals, do you realize we have to write a novel next weekend? oh galpallit. (that is derived from godbloggit).