Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i don't like pictures of killers who are also landmark seminar leaders

that picture on sarah's post is making my stomach hurt so i am posting something new. hello? people! the next book we are reading is 'a green light' by matthew rohrer. live it. love it. eat it.

also matthew savoca has two new poems in no posit that are super good. also, did you know that ken baumann (he edits no posit, keep up) is a movie star and is giving away money? sheeeeeit.


Anonymous said...

I am buying it today.

Also, those are good poems by Matthew.

Meghan said...

I am buying it as soon as the government pays me $600 to stimulate the economy. I hope that happens Friday!

Megan said...

i am also buying it. but i think matthew rohrer was the serial-killer-advice-asker-who-posed
-as-a-child, judging from the scribbly handwriting on the front cover of his book.

Jack Morgan said...

Good choice. Such a good book!