Thursday, May 22, 2008

*interactive* vote for what I should read

I dislike readings. When we did readings for my book, I always mispronounced "Thames." A British person who inexplicably and briefly lived at my house several years later pointed this out, even though I already knew.

My friend Dave Snyder bribed me to do a reading on Monday with some other people.I would like the two to three of you who read this blog to vote for which thing to read. You will vote blindly, just as I read.

Option A: Piece 1
Option B: Pieces 2 and 3
Option C: Something someone else wrote.
Option D: Nothing!

This is not a picture of the reading. The reading is happening at a bar called "Whiskey Road."


Anonymous said...

Option B!

I also like Option E, which is the one where you just stand behind the microphone and describe the people sitting in the front row.

I will be sure not to sit there.

Meghan said...

Also, I was lying. I actually like readings, once they start. I just have to pretend to dislike them so someone will convince me to do one. I also like to be convinced to act in plays and to sing at karaoke bars. Are most writers secret megalomaniacs? There is nothing that separates us from the other arts! Uh, except that we have no fans.

Megan said...

be that asshole that takes up all the time and makes the reading go on for 3 hours by reading everything in her book. that will be awesome.

Travis said...

Since I have stumbled here and am nosing around I thought I would present an opinion only slightly asked for. Talk to Missy, she'll let you know how "good" I am at this.

I think you should put on as many sweaters as you can and slowly take them off and read the labels. Untill your left wearing only an exotic animal print t-shirt. You know, to show your not totally crazy.

Travis said...

hmm...maybe I should look at the date before start typing...ehh... fits my MO.