Thursday, May 1, 2008

You guys, my eye hurts

I spent the better part of the morning whining about how much my eye hurts, splashing water into my eye in the bathroom, pounding on my desk, and whimpering.

Then Kevin got me eye drops. And now I am fine. This is like the time when my sunburned friend Pete discovered that aloe is soothing. Or that time when Pam had to crush up aspirin into Michael Scott's afternoon snack to countereffect the foot burn from his George Foreman grill.

Mostly there are remedies for everything. Many of them are over-the-counter.


Kathy said...

i'd like to add that i came up with the brilliant eye drop idea.

Anonymous said...

That's true. You should be a nurse.

Megan said...

my favorite remedy is the saltwater gargle. my grandma's favorite remedy is apple cider vinegar. once she broke her pinky toe and wrapped it in gauze soaked in apple cider vinegar. whenever she took the bandage off she was immediately in pain again.