Tuesday, May 13, 2008

that dog is dead

i just ordered blake butler's chapbook 'pretend i am there but very little.' i ordered it completely on the merit of its title. i like that title. you can read the whole thing on his blog if you want but i get impatient reading things online. and with a title like that, shoo.

i think maybe it should be our next official book after 'a green light,' yes? i will buy the whole literati a copy if only you will let me have my way.

also i forgot to tell everyone that i was in juked a few weeks ago. read it, eat it.

sarah was reading 'a green light' this morning and then we had this conversation:

sarah: why is poetry so much better than fiction?
me: because poetry is better.
sarah: shut up.


Meghan said...

reading poetry is more fun than reading fiction, but writing fiction is way more fun than writing poetry.
This is true because I said so, but whoever has administrator privileges should put a survey on the side of the page to prove that I'm right.

Meghan said...

also, fiction writers are sluttier.

Meghan said...

congrats on juked!!!

Megan said...

writing poetry is hard. unless you're kathy. then it is like breathing. i think it has to do with lovingkindness meditation...

Kathy said...

would you quit it! i am going to use all your comments about me as blurbs for my next book which will obviously be self-published.

especially the one about the dragons.

no one objected to blake's book so i'm doing it doing it doing it

Anonymous said...

hooray, do it do it!

for some reason i feel ashamed about liking reading poetry. i have never liked it before. it was like that day when i woke up and suddenly green peppers were delicious.


thank you kathryn that would be benevolent and thrilling and also xxx

yr juked piece is killer

Kathy said...

blake is nice. he is the king of the internet.

i ordered books for everyone!