Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Actors are nice

Weirdly enough, Venom Literati likes actors. I think the actors like us for our quiet consideration and reluctance to upstage them, and we, in turn, enjoy how pretty they are to look at.

Two of our actor friends are doing good things right now.

1. Go see Top Girls at Live Bait Theatre. VL's own Abby (you may remember her from all those sexy headshots) is super-awesome in it. She learned two accents with a dialect coach for it, and she somehow makes her characters both hilarious and touching. Also, she is pretty. Time Out Chicago likes it (and her) too.

2. VL friend Neil is a big star in this movie that just came out, Carver. It has nothing to do with Raymond Carver. At all. You should buy it, or at least rent it.


TheNeez said...

Sweet. I should point out how very symbiotic my relationship is with Venom Literati. A few people have told me that they Googled me and quickly discovered my pee art. Awesome.
Also, if you Google Image me, I think all but two results lead the surfer here.

Thank you, Venom Literati?

Megan said...

good job abby. good job neal. good job neal's pee art. etc.

TheNeez said...

Holy hell.
Bad form, Megan. Bad, bad form.

Kathy said...

i think he is trying to tell you that his name is spelled neil.

neezie needs someone to travel around with him and translate. i am like the little boy and he is like lassie.