Monday, March 3, 2008

braindead-of-winter activity #6: watch movies

i watched some movies. yesterday i watched jonestown: the life and death of people's temple. it was a pbs documentary about the jonestown mass suicide of like 900 people in 1978. they interviewed several survivors and members of the people's temple. i kind of feel like if i had been around at the time i might have joined the people's temple. you'll have to watch it to see what i mean.

also last weekend i watched step up. it was super awesome. do not get it confused with step up 2 which is out in theaters right now. this is the original step up starring channing tatum. he is really good at break dancing or whatever they call that kind of dancing now. i love how every dance movie features a pristine ballerina who meets a street thug and decides to take a walk on the wild side.

and tomorrow our friend neil kubath's movie carver is being released. we are going to have a screening and report back with a review. until then, consider it your braindead of winter job to watch as much television as possible.


Megan said...

damn, i'm pissed that i missed the jonestown documentary. i love mass suicides. i would totally have drank the kool-aid.

Kathy said...

it was actually flavor-aid: a little known fact.

TheNeez said...

I did a report in eighth grade where we were assigned a country in South America; mine was Guyana. I put on my research cap and discovered the whole Jim Jones thing. We were also supposed to bring a food and drink for the class. I brought Purple Flavor-Aid (Kathy, we are soulmates) for the drink.

Sarah said...

Oh! I just figured out the business cliche: drinking the kool-aid. I am dumb.