Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Braindead Activity #8: Make the Rest of the Universe Work in Small Groups

Whoever invented small-group-work is awesome. Has anyone on the planet EVER enjoyed working in a small group? Not me. Therefore it is my new favorite way to torture people (ie: students). I have discovered that small group work is the best way to a) waste time and b) prevent oneself (and the rest of the Universe) from thinking--a serious offense (and also an utter impossibility) during Braindead of Winter month.

By forcing others to work in small groups, we alienate ourselves (another key element of braindead of winter month) and also avoid mindnumbing, irritating, and/or thoughtful conversation.

If at any time during this month, someone attempts to make smalltalk or intelligent-talk with you, just say: Go discuss it with that group over there. Yep that one, waaaay over there at the other end of the building. They can't WAIT to communicate with you. Ready, go!

You can also use the opposite tactic--when your boss asks you to do something, say it must first be discussed "with the rest of the group" (note: it is especially important to use this phrase--as "the whole group" would include your boss.)

Meeting with "the rest of the group" means talking about the Jim Jones Kool-Aid extravaganza, or internet celebrities like Moo, for the next two hours while alienating your boss.


Meghan said...

Small groups rule! I've never participated in one myself, but my students seem to love them, especially while doing grammar exercises (their favorite). Sometimes I interrupt to ramble incoherently for long periods of time and make sure no one is bored. They look relieved when that is over.

TheNeez said...

I like small groups as well. I inevitably become the leader of any group, but it's more time-efficient when the group is small. I don't like delaying the inevitable. I also dislike using an adverb and its adjective root in the same paragraph.

Also, please buy or rent my movie.