Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's me!

You realize none of my photos have been retouched! I look a solid 25 in this photograph. Not a day over! I am a very wise 25 year old who has seen some things that would turn people's hair gray, but I smile on with my bright white 23 year old teeth. (My teeth are the youngest part of me.) Lines? Not of age but of experience.

Don't I look good in green? This is my St. Patty's post. I realize it is a day late but I don't like to hurry and worry and gibble-gobble about deadlines. That is why I look 25...I mean that is why I AM 25. I made that word up- gibble-gobble. Do you like it? I am trying to get it into the dictionary this year so start using it a lot. It can mean anything you want it to!

Now that I am 25 I have decided that I have nothing in common with Hillary Clinton. Where is my I-POD!? I would DIE without it! I have to listen to my down-loaded pod-casting about Obama. It is by a very influential Bloggist on the political blogger-sphere. This country needs CHANGE, man! I am soooo sick of OLD-LADY presidents!!!!!! It's time for Obamarama...OOOOhhh like Bananarama except they are sooo old that I certainly have not heard of them. I think my Dad likes them or something and some other weird sounding old person bands like David Bowie.


Anonymous said...

Who's David Bowie?

I kid. I kid.

Today is the longest day ever in existence. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Missy said...

yes. i hate today.

i think that abby's post made me laugh for the first time today. it is 4:30pm. i think there is something wrong with that. one should laugh much earlier in the day than 4:30pm.


Megan said...

you are hilarious. you should just stand on stage and talk about gibble-gobble and the whole world will fall in love with you.

Kathy said...

where is your ipod?!

Emory said...

Certainly an attractive picture. Are you related to Caroline (Kennedy?) John F, given his robust lebido, and your likeness to her, -his daughter - warrants a DNA test and perhaps the retaining of an Attorney, I think.

One benefit of a Chicago winter is the presevation of your skin. Unblemished by a harsh Southern exposure, and time to repair any damage done in those brief months of warmth.

The eyes are most telling though. Bright, sharp, and a with a distinct note of intelligence - I wonder what could be seen through such eyes.

Unfortunatly my brief childhood in Northern Ireland, precludes any judgement of the wearing of the Green' - clearly an American an invention, not unlike Chinese fortune cookies. But, yes. I do think you do Hiberian green well. Perhaps a colour you should consider beyond St. Patrick's or a Riverdance event.

flabby-abby1973 said...

Ohh Emory. What is all this gibble-gobble?

TheNeez said...

I don't like it when people use celebrity pictures as their profile picture. It makes me think I am talking to that celebrity. One time I was corresponding with a video game reviewer (did I mention that I was stood up for prom?) and his picture was Jet Li. The guy's last name was Liu, so my young brain started mapping synapses to associate Liu with Li. Turns out the guy was a fat Asian from Berkeley.

That, to me, is a prime example of gibble-gobble.

Emory said...


I think the picture is good; as for any likeness to you I would have no idea. It (you) favours Caroline Kennedy - not too far off topic either. It is not flattery gibble-gobble, but honest gibble gobble.

The neez

"I don't like it when people use celebrity pictures as their profile picture. It makes me think I am talking to that celebrity."

Well, that certainly would be interwabs gibble-gobble. My use of Crowe's picture is more for his attitude on life, than any physical likeness. Yes, I have tossed a phone.

But, if that is upleasant for you, then consider me more physically similar to Jeremy Irons, than a Berkley Buddha.

Emory <--- pseudonym.

TheNeez said...

So Russell Crowe's pen name is "emory?" I'm definitely confused now.

Mr. Crowe:

"But, if that is upleasant for you, then consider me more physically similar to Jeremy Irons, than a Berkley Buddha."

I don't play golf/misspell words.

Anonymous said...

Remember when k+'s profile picture was Snoop Dogg? That made me happy.

Emory said...

Oh Neez, please!

"I don't play golf/misspell words."

I do both, with unbridled alacrity. I reserve the right to take a mulligan, and hope you would not address the penalty.

Also, please do not be confused by the 'internets.' I do not believe Sarah to be a Burro, or any relation to Juan Valdez - nor should you.

My accent is a polyglot of English, Irish and Southern United States. I am often wrongly identified as Australian; perhaps Mr Crowe and I do share more than phone tossing.

Emory Mayne was a homeless man that lived in an abandoned Ford LTD behind my dilapidated college apartment, in Charleston, SC. We (my roommates and I) would clothe, feed, and occasionally (naively) bring him liquor.

We did this not out of honorable compassion, but in order to keep our automobiles from being broken into too.

Emory Mayne had lost all of his toes and half of his left foot to frostbite, while living on the streets of his native Baltimore. He had 'hopped' a ride south, where he found milder winters, and the above mentioned Ford LTD.

My life circumstances have much improved from my days of college poverty; unfortunately his did not. He succumbed to knife wounds a few later, a victim of a homeless on homeless dispute over territory.

I hope this information brings clarity to your Internet confusion.

Emory (pseudonym) <--- Lives on Deer Run #8, Riverwood Golf Community, near Raleigh, NC and used spell check of this comment.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually part burro, part zebra.